About The Waffler

The Waffler consists of a mother-son team who after years of different careers (banking,
construction, illustration, emergency medical and a cumulative 25+ years serving/cooking and
bar-tending) found their calling in the food truck game.

Originally considering another concept,
the idea of a truck serving chicken and waffles essentially fell from the sky. 2017 marked a new
era for the already existing Waffler in KC.

Mom bought the business, son quit his bar-tending job
and the rest is history.

What We Do

Let’s start with the Liege waffle. The Liege waffle is the superior version of an already great
thing. Using a dough as opposed to a batter, the cooked result is much more dense and filling
than the traditional Belgian waffle.

Next: the sugar pearls! Sugar pearls are a pea-sized chunk of superfine sugar that by
consistency has a higher melting point than standard baking sugar. When cooked they melt just
enough to caramelize the exterior of the waffle, contributing to it’s signature crunch.

Finally: Our hand breaded chicken. Every chicken strip begins as a choice cut chicken breast
that is then individually cut to size, taking shape and quality of cut to consideration. It is then
pressed out to give it the thin characteristic it’s known for.

Three step process of spices, buttermilk, breading. Because we try to waste as little as possible (and because you’ll never
have anything like this) we use our Classic Vanilla waffles as breading…(right?!) The strips are
then flash frozen to set, fried up and handed out the window for you to enjoy.

Why We Do It

It gets hot. It gets busy. BUT, we love it, you love it and food trucks are awesome. Plain and